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A highly respected poker training program that has been up and running for quite some time, this site specifically caters to playing low-limit and mid-limit cash games but is very strong all-around.  They are partnered up with Cardrunners (see our review), another industry leader who caters to more advanced players but for much higher limit games, and they offer one of the best training programs on the web.  These guys are truly committed to becoming a dominant force in the online poker arena..  

Membership Options

Free Membership (browse forums, preview course, see training samples)

Initiation Fee: $99
Monthly: $27.99
Six Months: $149.00
Annual: $299


-Heads Up
-Full Ring
-Limit Hold 'Em

Discounts and Coupons

Members of Cardrunners, receive a thirty-three percent discount and do not have to pay the signup fees, and a membership with Stoxpoker makes players eligible for great discounts with Cardrunners as well.  Points from Full Tilt can be used to get a free membership.  Also, members get access to software discounts.


Stoxpoker is founded by Nick Grudzien, one of the few poker pros in the world to win over $1,000,000 playing both limit and no-limit poker.  He wrote the book, “Winning in Tough Hold Em' Games.  Their top coaches are well known in the poker community.  Another great addition to the team is Bryse Paradis, who is considered by many to be one of the best if not the best video coaching experts.  Matt Mattros, another great coach, wrote the book “The Making of a Poker Player.”


Stoxpoker offers a real well-rounded learning experience.  They have a great community feel to the site.  Even if their paid forums might seem a little quiet at times, the forums are very high quality, and the pros actually come in and correspond with the members, offering advice and answering questions.  There are lots of great articles about poker strategy.  Great prices and a valuable training program for players of all levels. The huge video collection is awesome, and new ones are added on a daily basis. 


They don't really tell players enough about their instructors, which is a shame since most of them are so qualified.  Then again, once you pay the fees and access the forums, you can actually correspond with them.  Still, it would be nice to have more in depth bios.  Also, we would like to see them offer more freebies and freerolls for players.  There are a few places on the site that could be set up for better navigation.


Stoxpoker gets 9 out of 10 stars because of their heavy coach involvement, their huge library of poker training videos, and a commitment to a quality experience.  Not only do they offer THE best limit training online but very solid training all around.

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