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Catering specifically to SNG but with good coverage of MTT as well, SNG Icons is set on bringing the Sit and Go expertise of its 7 tournament experts to the students who want to play like they do.  This site is made for a certain type of player, and surely there are some out there who love this about them.  We like a well-rounded site, but one a team of experts like this carve out their spot in something like Sit and Go, where the demand certainly exists, they are here to stay.  These guys know tournament play perhaps better than anyone else in the industry.

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A deposit to any of their affiliate poker rooms can land you a free subscription for the first 3 months.


Johnathon Little, the creator of this niche-style training site, is a seasoned tournament veteran who took Word Poker Tour's Season VI Mirage Poker Showdown and Season VII Foxwoods' World Poker Finals.  He has also won the WPT VI Player of the Year Award and won about $4,000,000 in cash. 

Other members of this top notch tournament team include Physioc Grayson, Darin Van Gammeren, and Chip Ferguson.


The instructors really are some of the best you will find for tournament play, not only just for SNG but MTT as well.  They might be named for Sit and Go, but their multi-table tournament selection is gearing up and becoming a huge, valuable asset on their site.  If they continue down this road any longer they will likely become the number one place for learning how to dominate tournament play on the internet. 

The instructors are young and have their moments, but most of them are very adept at articulating their thoughts and explaining how they come to their decisions.     



The most glaring issue and one we always mention is that this is an SNG site.  Yes, we understand specialization.  Yes, we understand niches.  But poker players are generally interested in becoming much more well-rounded.  If you don't mind moving from one training site to the next, that doesn't matter to you, and perhaps the focus does make them better at what they do.  But the fact of the matter is that there are some other high industry competitors offering a lot more diversity as well as quality.

A lot of the videos are lacking a bit mostly in production and tech, but there is also a problem with the young instructors fooling around during videos, being unprofessional, and not working in a quiet  environment.  Poker has always had an element of laid back, but we still expect a school charging these kinds of fees to act like pros. 

Also, they do not seem very concerned about keeping a steady flow of videos coming in, and neither are they too worried about adding fresh content to their blogs. 



We give SNG Icons a 7 out of 10 stars.  They are really cramping their own style with the poor quality of many of their videos, a problem they are working on, and the unprofessional of some of their younger coaches.  But at the same time, their contribution to tournament play is too great to ignore.  If they keep expanding that MTT library they will really be securing a great position in the market.  If learning this kind of game is what you are looking for and you aren't so concerned with cash coverage, you can definitely learn a lot from these guys.


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