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Real Poker Training has been around for quite some time as one of the original big sites on the poker training scene to offer live videos with commentary as a learning tool.  They have solidified a reputation as being a great place to work on tournament strategies, particularly with MTT games. 

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Most of their instructors are not the most well known in the poker arena, but no one can deny that David Williams, with a WSOP bracelet and $6,200,000 in poker winnings, is a solid asset.  Coaches Ryan Fisler and Todd Arnold have not received the same widespread fame in the national media and have not won nearly as much money, but they are nonetheless solid players with quite a reputation to in-the-know poker people.


One of the biggest strengths of this program is the comprehensive coverage of all things poker, including a large archive of articles about all aspects of the game and the life that comes with it.  Instructors are active in the site, keeping steady blogs and interacting with members on the forums.

They really have quite an extensive library, as they have had time to build it up, and it is a good program for guys looking to improve MTT play.  They have been adding steadily to their library of Non-Hold em' videos.  Also, they have a great emphasis on Non Hold em' games.  One of the great things about the forums is that besides the larger community forum, each instructor has his own smaller forum where direct questions can be addressed.


The two biggest disadvantages of the Real Poker Training program are the lack of a methodized approach to learning the material and a significant lack of material to begin with.  The videos don't really cover a lot of different styles and materials, relying instead on a the methods of a few instructors.  If you don't want to be confused by a lot of different styles, this might work for you, but it seems clear to most pokers that learning different ways of looking at the game is best. 

The forums are not really that frequented by members, and it would be nice if they gave a little more coverage of cash games.  Need more videos that can be downloaded by members. 



Real Poker Training gets 7 out of 10 stars.  They have a lot of material but they are an older site with somewhat outdated methods.  They could use an overhaul implementing a more modern, evolved methodology and some better organization to form a learning program easier to follow.  But they have been teaching winning poker for quite some time now, and they will continue to produce winners



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