Poker Training Site Review: Pro Play Live


New on the scene but boasting more WSOP bracelets than any other coaching team, Pro Play Live is bringing its stable of live game experts to the internet playing field.  This training program is shooting for a well-rounded and comprehensive experience for its members for a very respectable price.  With a dynamic team of teachers like this, we are sure to see some great things from this training program in the future.

Membership Options & Fees

Initiation: $49.95 (Includes first month)
Monthly: $19.95
5 Months: $49.95 (no initiation)


-No Limit Hold 'Em
-Limit Hold 'Em

Discounts and Coupons

 None at this time.


This team of qualified instructors has more World Series of Poker bracelets than any other online poker training course.  The most notable of these are champions Greg Raymer and Tom McEvoy, but  other holders include Annie Duke, Erik Seidel, John Lukas, and Bill Chen.  Not bad.  Not bad at all.


Pro Play Live has a wide range of coverage and does a good job of presenting a well-rounded teaching approach.  The professional coaches contributing their wisdom come from a very successful variety of backgrounds and know the game of poker in and out.  Because of this, they are sure to emphasize many different styles of play and have a good non-Hold 'Em coverage as well.  They make it a point to talk about the different strategies between live play and playing on the internet, two different games with many different variables. 

While they do have an initiation fee, it isn't enough to make us groan, and the fact that the first month is included is a huge plus.  The prices are not so bad for what they are delivering at all.



While coverage may be diverse, we feel they kind of let you down with the depth of it.  The videos tend to be pretty short and there just isn't that big of a library for a site of this caliber.  The videos tend to be just released whenever they feel like it instead of committing to some kind of program.   

Also, we couldn't believe there were no forums, especially for a site that is geared to advanced players who may have some hard questions that need answering.  This makes it much more difficult to communicate with the professionals. 

Many of the coaches do not have much online experience, which leaves many asking whether or not their lessons are fully applicable to the internet players who come knocking on heir door for coaching. 


We give Pro Play Live a 7 out of 10 stars.  They seem to have a lot of potential to work with, but for now we just get the sense they are riding on all those bracelets a little too much instead of focusing on producing an extensive video library.  We want to see more for this training program, but we have a hunch that we will.



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