Poker Training Site Review: PokerXFactor


PokerXFactor offers some unique training styles with state of the art technology to bring a fresh approach to training winning poker players.  Mainly focused on tournament play, they are considered by many to be the absolute number one choice for honing your tournament play, especially if that is your sole focus. 

They have recently purchased a company called PokerFox, thus brining on some more well-rounded instructors, and so we expect to see a lot of improvement in the variety of games covered.

Membership Options & Fees

Initiation Fee: $119.95
Monthly: $24.95


-Multi Table Tournament
-Sit and Go Tournament
-Heads Up
-Full Ring
-6 MAX

Discounts and Coupons

Members can get a thirty percent discount on Hold 'Em Manager software.  Freerolls and bonuses offered in the forums on a regular basis.


Founder Eric Haber is, in many insider opinions, one of the top three internet poker players in the world, and his partner, Cliff Josephy, has won a WSOP bracelet as well as finished in the money several times. 

Instructors included some other high profile players, such as Alex Kamberis, known as the top internet poker player on Earth; Jon Turner, who was the Internet Poker Player of the Year in 2007; and Kevin Saul, winner of the World Poker Tour Bellagio.

The instructors are thought to be of the best caliber available. 


Great instructors and instruction style.  If you are looking for an edge in muli-table or sit and go tournament play, then this just may be the site for you.  Members get a lot of benefits and freerolls.  PXF Software allows players to look at hand histories and analyze the hands they have plaid using a variety of data.  This is a very unique, powerful tool that separates this site from the competition and opens up a lot of opportunities for improving personal game.  Some instructors load hand histories into the forum for others to see.

Solid community feel and a lot of valuable interaction on the forums.


The videos are often far too spread out, and the main emphasis on multi table tournament play is a big disadvantage for anyone who has an interest in cash games but doesn't want to train from more than one site.  In this aspect, PokerXTraining does not offer a one site solution.  The navigations can be a little cumbersome but not nearly as bad as some of the other training sites.  We would like to see them provide better organization for the video selection.  Also, the price is pretty steep, especially  with the lack of a broad focus. 


PokerXFactor gets 7 out of 10 stars because of their lack of well-rounded material and lag in new video releases, and we feel their pricing is a little off.  Their high-tech software and high quality trainers do add a lot of value, but it is not enough for us to see them as a well-rounded site.  In the future, we expect this to change, and they will likely continue to carve out their own chunk in the industry.



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