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An interactive training site with stylish flash animation, Poker VT employs a broad range of learning tools and some really original methods to make better poker players out of their students.  This site is backed by some huge celebrities with huge winnings, and Daniel Negreanu is plastered throughout, which leaves a lot of people wondering, is Poker VT all hype, or is this a stellar poker site?  That's what we wanted to find out.

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At this time, the initiation fee is discounted to $127.49 using a coupon code on their signup page. 


Did we mention Daniel Negreanu dominates this site?  Everyone knows this four WSOP bracelet holder, if not by name than certainly by face, and he has won over $11,000,000 playing online poker.  Negreanu has always come across as a very cerebral player, which may seem strange to say as poker is such a mental endeavor already, but it is nonetheless an evident characteristic.  This carries over to his teaching, and he is very easy to follow.

But he isn't the only superstar on the roster.  Paul Wasicka has made over $7,500,000 playing poker, while Annette Obrestad has raked in a cool $4,000,000.  Not bad at all, especially considering the healthy sprinkling of millionaires in the ranks and a solid lineup of strong coaches backing them up who are on their way.  This team is all about champions.  


Some of the videos show famous poker players playing with each other as they talk their thoughts into small microphones.  This is an interesting concept because it gives the actual on-the-spot thought processes going through the player's head as they go along rather than someone else's interpretation or even their own muddled by the benefit of hindsight.  Daniel stops videos a lot and discusses them in the middle of hand play—a tactic more people are using that we love.

The content is constantly being added upon—an impressive fifty or more videos being added every month—and poker tournaments are held for the members of the training program.  The lesson approach is quite effective.  It offers a real solid curriculum to follow, and there is a strong section on poker math, which every serious player should know.  This is a very well-rounded site, and the free 90 day trial period is quite nice. 

And for all the flack poker training sites get for hyping up their millionaires, you have to admit that learning from people who have made this much money cannot be a bad idea.


While Negreanu is an obvious superstar, we still would like to see some of these other coaches get a little more coverage on the site.  It is worth mentioning, however, that others find it a less distracting to follow one strategy and not have ten guys telling you a different way to play.  Also, with all these top level experts, you would think there was a lot more information catering to the more advanced customer base, but it seems to be more a site for the newer guys. 

Because of all the flash media and snazzy new tools, this site can take a lot of time to load, especially if you are working from an outdated computer.  While any online poker wannabe would be better off with a faster machine, it can still be a headache if you are working with what you can pull together.  It definitely feels like you're watching something on ESPN instead of learning, but that can be bad or good depending on who you are.


We are going to give them a 8 out of 10.  We really want to give them a 9 for their original tools for learning poker and the quality they present not only in information but in the presentation itself.   But frankly, the overemphasis on Negreanu, while great for branding, just bugs us a little, and we still insist if you are going to keep all those other great instructors in the background you should at least have them working on the absence of advanced material.  A great learning program nonetheless. 



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