Poker Training Site Review: PokerSwat


Just launched earlier this year, PokerSwat is one of the newest programs on the online poker training scene, and their collection of pros from around the globe look to be some of the youngest as well.  But their youthful roster is also one of the most impressive.  Their newness doesn't seem to be holding them back, and they have already put up 150 videos for their members.  Pretty impressive.  These guys are modern, talented, and they know what there market wants. 

Membership Options & Fees

Signup: $27.30
Monthly: $15.80

Signup: $45.95
Monthly: $22.99

Signup: $57.50
Monthly: $28.79


-Cash Games
-Stud Omaha
-Pot Limit Omaha
-Full Ring

Discounts and Coupons

Discounts are given depending on how many months you sign for.  They take off 10% for three month memberships, 15% for 6 month memberships, and 20% for one year memberships. 


One of the best young guys raking in the virtual chips at the moment is James Obst, and once he is old enough to play in the World Series of Poker, we are hoping to see some good things from him.  Marty Smyth is also a killer who has won over $2,000,000.  Then there is Alec Torelli backing them up with two first places and boasting more than $1,250,000 in winnings.  These are just the top dogs, but this new team of teaching professionals brings a lot to the table, and several others have broken the million mark. 


This site has a lot of very exceptional poker minds contributing many great videos on a very frequent basis.  Small stakes, mid stakes, and high stakes are all well-represented in the video collections.  They already are growing a sizable library and even keep three training videos open for viewing by non-members who want to get an idea about how they work. 

The coaches are in there putting a lot of effort and content into the forum to get the ball rolling, which is a good indicator of the dedication they will have to being a top competitor in the industry.  Everything PokerSwat is doing so far seems set on providing a top not experience.  A truly international team, they are planning to add multi-languages to the site, and so far German, Italian, and French are in the works. 


They are doing a lot to get the site up and running at full capacity, but there are still often improvements being worked on. As expected with such a newcomer, the forums are still gearing up and there isn't a whole lot of member participation quite yet.  Video adds are pretty sporadic at the moment but at least they are coming.  It will take some time before all the kinks are ironed, and members will no doubt be dealing with upgrades from time to time as they keep adding to their site.  


For now, we are giving PokerSwat 8 out of 10 stars, but we expect them to rise to the top very quickly.  They are making all the right moves and brining a whole new element to the poker training niche.  Real professionals, these guys.  Not to mention their emphasis on European players and plans to introduce the multi-lingual features will steal a huge chunk of the international market for them.  These guys are on their way.



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