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One of the newer additions to the online poker training scene is Leggo Poker, a site focused on improving cash play, particularly for No Limit 6 Max.  This is a site with a specific focus, and they have certainly carved out a chunk in their niche.  One of the most distinct things about this gathering of poker experts is their young age, but the guys who train with them seem to love their youthful approach and the new perspectives they bring to an evolving game.

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Free Membership Available and 7 Day Free Trials included on all the paid plans.

Initiation Fee: $0
Monthly: $30
6 Month: $165
Annual: $300


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$25 off the Hold 'Em Manager software.


The coaches over at Leggo Poker are a mix of really young poker up-and-comers.  They bring youthful innovation and a laid-back style to the training marketplace.  These guys might not be far from adolescence, but anyone knows that these days there are plenty of young guys making an absolute killing playing cards online, and the coaches over at this site are just such guys.


This training program may be off to a late start, but the instructors are doing a good job delivering what there students have come for, which is great instruction on No Limit poker.  The videos do an extremely good job of covering the play when analyzing poker, and they will stop mid-action to explain what is going on rather rush an explanation before the next flop. 

The site navigation is modern, streamlined, and user-friendly.  Also, they are bringing some of the more advanced tools to their students, making for a thorough, up-to-date learning experience.  The forums are seeing heavy involvement from the coaches and will surely become a great place to work towards common goals. 

Who doesn't like a free initiation?


As sites like Deuces Cracked, PokerXFactor, and Bluefire Poker are evolving the way poker is taught, Leggo Poker seems more resistant to the changes, which is strange as they are so new to the game.  They could use a lot more structure in the way they present their material to make it a more streamline learning process. 

Also, they don't have a lot to offer the tournament players and the video content they do have is very limited even for what they cover.  They are new, but it is time to get a solid collection going.  While Leggo Poker is working hard to grind out those videos (7 per week) and catch up with their older competitors, we feel they perhaps should have done a little more of that before they came on the scene.  Non Hold 'Em games do not get much coverage either.

Many people have voiced complaints about one particular instructor, who makes offhand comments and cusses in his videos from time to time.  The consensus among many seems to be that he is just pushing the envelope a little too far and it is not really adding to the value of his videos.  Rather, it is a distraction. 


We are giving this training site 6 out of 10 stars.  Don't get us wrong, their instruction is top notch, but the combination of strict focus, lack of structure, and small collection of videos is holding them back from a higher rating.  We understand the marketing advantage of a niche focus, but what poker training sites need to remember is that most poker players like to be more diverse in their play.  With all the mergers of late, the industry seems to be addressing this by becoming bigger.  When Leggo Poker builds up its library, we hope to see more of a variety.


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