Poker Training Site Review: Grinder School


With all the sites coming out focused on mid and high limit play, a lot of newer guys were being ignored, but there was a real need for someone to apply poker strategies to the micro limit and low limit games, where sometimes it seems all the rules have changed.  That is when Grinder School stepped in.  A new mindset and a new approach for the new player.  This unique training school has made itself a big name where the stakes are small but profits can still be huge.

Membership Options & Fees

Initiation Fee: $0
Monthly (Micro Stakes): $10
Monthly (Upgrade from Micro Stakes): $10
One Month Full Trial: $20
3 Months (Full Subscription): $34.99

Free Memberships Offered W/ Rakeback or Prop Program


-Small Non Hold 'Em Collection
-Some Higher Limit

Discounts and Coupons

Discounts and coupons are not really that prevalent with this training program because the price is so cheap.  Things do pop up from time to time, and the free membership for signing up with the rakeback program is pretty sweet.


A lot of the instructors are hiding a little deeper in the shadows because the fact of the matter is that  winners at this level don't really get our attention, even if they are making a killing at what they do.  Those who have spent some serious time at these limits already will probably recognize their screen names and have likely contributed quite a bit to their winnings, and those who don't recognize their names can rest assured these guys are experts in what they do.


We have to hand it to them, these Grinding veterans have certainly set up an attractive way to start learning online poker for the real newbie.  A lot of guys try to take higher limit poker theories into these micro limit games and find that nothing works like it is supposed to because the playing field takes on a whole new terrain.  This is a specific approach to a specific playing environment.

The cheap monthly fee and lack of initiation is also pretty attractive to the newb who just wants to get out there and start learning.  If you want a program that will get you started and learn from the pros who know these low limit games inside and out, Grinder School will get you set.


The Grinder School really maintains their focus on micro limits, and so there is no real value for anyone who wants to player higher stakes.  Because of this, their program is not near as advanced as many of the other competing sites.  They offer less bonuses and incentives for the members.  They don't have a lot of high-tech tools.  This is all attributed to the lower price; you get what you pay for.

Other complaints we have are that we would like to see more articles, and it would be nice if more members were interacting on the forums, but then again, they are probably out there grinding, which is exactly what you should be doing when you are playing for stakes this small.  There is not much offered beyond Hold 'Em either.

It is likely that their students will tire of micro limits once they have become successful, so it would be nice if they had a more advanced, higher stakes program to transition to, even if they charged a higher monthly fee once students moved on. 


We give Grinder School 7 out of 10 stars for a unique solution to a unique problem.  With their affordable prices, they have brought poker strategy down to the newer players and have adapted the approach to match.  We would still like to see them offer a more holistic package, however.  With an advanced program to look forward to, players would stick with them a lot longer and their content would be much more valuable.


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