Poker Training Site Review: Deuces Cracked


A well known name in the poker training industry, Deuces Cracked offers a fresh approach to learning how to win cash with proper strategy and technique  Many say their new style of teaching is a more effective approach and a sign of what is coming across the board.  Keep an eye on these guys, because they just might be the link to the next generation of poker players.  

Membership Options

7 Day Free Trial Offered w/ Monthly Plan
Initiation Fee: $0
Monthly: $29.00
Six Months: $147.90
Annual: $278.40


-6 Max games,
-low limit
-medium limit
-heads up
-full ring,
-solid coverage of non hold-em' games.

Discounts and Coupons

Members can get a thirty percent discount on Hold 'Em Manager software.


The instructors are very well known in the industry, but some still have a ways to go.  Jay Rosenkrantz, one of the co-founders of the site, has won over a million dollars in one month playing online poker, while lead trainer Vanessa Selbst has one World Series bracelet and has made it to the money in the World Series seven different times.  She has not quite won her first million in online poker but is very close.   Students can find their personal coach based on specific criteria about the type of game they want to develop.


This training program offers a new approach to learning poker that many people feel is a great way to learn cards.  While a lot of trainers have you following poker action while they bombard you with a million different angles and variables, which is pretty representative of how your brain works when playing poker, it can be an overwhelming way to learn.

These guys lecture on one aspect at a time and really put some focus on it until it is completely understood.  This allows students a chance to tackle one thing at a time while they build their arsenal, so when it comes time to use it, it is like second nature. 

The big focus on low limit hold em' makes it a great place for a beginner to learn the ropes.  The video and audio is very high quality, and they are devoted to a community spirit.  Not to mention the absence of an initiation fee makes it a cheap option.


While a focus can be a strength for an online poker training site, Deuces Cracked may have gone too far with this.  People typically like to advance once they master material, and having to find a new site when you are comfortable with your coaching platform can be a hassle.  Multi-table and Sit and Go tournament videos beg improvement as well. 

Also, there navigation is poor, which seems to be a common weakness in the industry.  This happens a lot on poker training sites, but how hard can it be to set up some useful links to eliminating all the backing up the browser.


Deuces Cracked gets 7 out of 10 stars because of their lack of well-rounded material and ridiculously cumbersome navigation.  That said, if we were looking for strictly low-limit cash games we would seriously consider giving them an 8 and possibly a 9 because of their unique, effective teaching style.