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Phil Galfond's long-awaited master project, Bluefire Poker, is drawing a lot of attention in the poker community with its commitment to quality and unique insights into the poker mindset.  They are a rising force who has just upped the ante by offering to pit $1,000,000 against $1 for the President or a member of Congress willing to go up against one of them in a poker game, thus showing that poker is a game of skill.  These guys are smart; they are here for the long haul. 

Membership Options & Fees

Initiation Fee: $99 (No fee for 6 and 12 month members)
Monthly: $29.99
6 Month: $249.99
Annual: $399.99


-High Limit
-Low Limit
-Micro Limit
-Pot Limit Omaha

Discounts and Coupons

None at the moment.


Galfond was already a rising poker star before he decided to study logic, psychology and Bayesian probability to gain more insight on the game.  He won his very first WS0P bracelet at the ripe age of 23 years old and has made millions scouring the tables online. One of the best players out there and now regarded as one of the best teachers, this is a great guy to learn from. 

He handpicks all his coaches and only takes the best.  Niman Kenkre, one of the top coaches, started with $25 dollars about five years ago and ended with millions, securing a reputation as a top poker mind.  They also have some awesome low-limit coaches, like Martin Fournier Giguere, who is known for being the biggest winner online for 2/4 games.


Finally a site with great navigation.  One of the advantages of being such a latecomer is that they have come into the market with a structured plan ahead of time and have anticipated where other sites are lacking. 

Their real strength lies in their commitment to quality.  Phil Galfond does not let a video get past him without his careful consideration.  Hard core quality control—we like it! 

 There is a strong focus on cash games, so if this is what you want, you have come to the right place.  The articles and blogs are also full of quality information, and the forums and site information are open to free members.  Best of all, they have a fantastic all-around approach that will take you from micro limit to high stakes as you learn.  The coaches come from a wide spectrum of playing styles and are all top notch.

Rather than take the usual approach of balancing a little top notch info with a lot of basic stuff, they have shot for nothing but quality.


The only thing worth complaining about (and hardly worth it at all) with Bluefire is their smaller collection of videos.  They are still very new to the poker training scene and have yet to amass the amount of content that others have.  We want more one on one interaction with the professionals, and some people just aren't having the price.

The forums are still lacking, also due to the site's infancy, and there isn't much for experts coming on and interacting, but we expect this all to change as the site develops.  Also, they don't have as much to offer the newbie.


We give Bluefire 9 out of 10 stars.  Yes, really.  Regardless of their smaller collection of videos and higher initiation fee, they are 100% committed to quality. In this case, new definitely means modern and prepared for the future.  We expect to see huge things out of this poker training program, and even if they are playing catch-up right now, they are still a top notch training choice.  We aren't saying prices will necessarily go up, but is it really worth the chance of missing out?


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