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PokerZion brings coaching to the level it should be, with a direct one-on-one mentoring style.  This site believes in interaction with the players, from its interactive video styles to the individually tailored approach to improving a member's game.  This is a site that really focuses on each member's card improvement.     

Membership Options & Fees

White chip: free  (offers thorough tour of the site)
Red chip: $14.95  (further access, extending to the forum and some videos)
Green chip: $19.95 per month (includes the rest of the videos and chat features)
Black: $28.95 per month  (full access, mentoring, chat records, and previous lessons)


No limit Hold 'em—low stakes
No limit Hold 'em—high stakes

Discounts and Coupons

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While there are know real big names teaching at the PokerZion, all of the mentors are certainly expert players whose names are known to those who know the poker circuits well, specifically Tyler Netter, who has won $1,500,000 playing tournaments.   But it doesn't take a big name celeb to teach strong poker skills, especially with this level of individual attention.


The videos introduce a more interactive style for players.  At certain points in the footage, they stop and the member is questioned about aspects of the play.  This is an interesting approach and shows that PokerZion has put a lot of time and effort into providing something unique that would involve their members. 

One on one coaching is always something that we see as a valuable addition to a training program, and these guys have gone all-in on this one.  The instructor/ student interaction is absolutely spectacular, and as a shining example of just how effective this style can be, one of their instructors is a former student of the program. 

The mentoring approach serves to guide player's through the process and monitor their progress while identifying which aspects of their game need direct attention.  Who could ask for more?  Comprehensive exams are used to gauge learning.



The size of their library is not quite up to par, and the most obvious disadvantage of their training site is the sole emphasis on Hold 'Em.  They have no other poker games to offer.  Also, there isn't much for big name poker guys in their instructor lineup, but then again, a lot of people think the site's that do have these guys rely too much on the name and not enough on the game.  


We give PokerZion 8 out of 10 stars.  While their library may be lacking and their coaches largely unknown, their commitment to one-on-one mentoring and interactive style make up for it.  If you want a tailored approach to your game so you can start winning cash, this site could be for you.


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