Poker Training Site Review: Poker Savvy Plus


Another newer addition to the industry, Poker Savvy Plus is rushing to build up their library of poker training videos, but with a solid team of poker pros who are well known throughout the world, they are rising to the challenge.  It really begs the question, with such a competitive industry, where are all these guys coming from, and how much more will it evolve?  The competition in poker is going to be insane a few years from now.  This site stands out for offering a wide array of game options and instructors who understand the need for diversity.

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7 Day Free Trial

Initiation Fee: $0
Monthly: $24.99
3 Month: $75
6 Month: $140
Annual: $250


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Annual Members get free access to the Hold 'Em Manager or Poker Tracker 3.  You can also get a one year membership for free by signing with one of their affiliated poker rooms and meeting the playthrough requirements. 


Evan Roberts, a young instructor, is a Stanford graduate has won millions playing online.  Justin Rollo is a force in tournament play, having won over $1,000,000, but he is also a great addition to the live play instruction.  Other well-knowns include Tony Dunst, Mike Watson, and Christian Harder.  Their team includes not only great poker players but great teachers, and they find creative ways to bring their thought processes to light for students.


The instructors  have a nice all-around knowledge of poker, offering a wide range of learning styles for those who want to be all around players.  They have a great collection of experts and seem dedicated to making that the norm. 

The site navigation is pretty good, and it is easy to find your way around the site.  Also, they have added an interesting feature for members to build up points in order to purchase stuff from their online store, which is kind of cool.  The instruction is very articulate and high-quality.



Poker Savvy Plus is taking a little time getting their video library built up, but they aren't doing a bad job speed wise; however, what they make up for in speed the may be losing in quality.  Not quality of instruction but video quality.  The video and audio leaves a lot to be desired, and there are a lot of distracting noises due to cheaper technical equipment as well as just poor sound.

They have a pretty broad coverage of a lot of different kinds of poker, which is something we like to see, but the problem is they haven't developed a great way of organizing it.  The broad spectrum is nice when you want to be a diverse player, but it is still more effective if it is categorized so you can access it quickly and pick and choose your emphasis.


Poker Savvy Plus is getting 7 out of 10 stars, but this was a difficult one to decide given the quality of some of their videos.  If they start weeding some of those out and continue to focus on that library, they will be providing an advanced training experience. 

The instructor team is what really brings them to the top of the market, and this is where they need to focus on giving the bang for the buck.  When you are looking for quality training, however, quality trainers is what you want, so this might be the site you are looking for if you are set on being a well-rounded player.


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