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Two Canadian guys who were making a solid income online on a consistent basis got together and put together a low-hype, no bells and whistles poker training program.  The goal of this program is not to be the next Dan Negreanu.  The goal is much more simple and reachable—make $10,000 a month playing online poker using a low variance strategy that directly mimics theirs. 

Their sales page looked like an obvious internet marketing scheme, leaving us wondering how they were ever taken seriously, but with all the talk of how these guys were offering something new and the promise of a 100% money-back guarantee, we just had to check it out.  We were pleasantly surprised.

Membership Options & Fees

Initiation: $0
Monthly: $14.99


Hold em—low limit and mid-stakes

Discounts and Coupons

Freerolls every week for $250 for Outstanding Poker members and access to great signup bonuses from various online poker rooms. 


Tim McKillikan got attention a few years ago when he won a bet claiming he could show twelve random individuals how to make five figures with online cards and pulled it off with the ten who hung in for the long run.  From there, him and fellow poker player Errol Potok decided it was time to launch a full program.

These guys are no poker celebrities, and they haven't even become rich playing poker.  But they are solid players who have built a strategy to win on a consistent basis without getting greedy and putting your life savings on the line.  They are businessmen—simple as that.  And what is poker but a sound business when you play the cards right? 



Outstanding Poker focuses on one goal and one goal only—making a certain level of income at poker.  While other sites have newbies mouths watering over the millions their coaches have made, these guys come out and offer a straight strategy for mimicking their results without getting distracted.  One solid game plan.  At the risk of sounding like hypocrites, for once we are impressed by the single-minded approach.  It is an honorable, reasonable approach and something that any poker player can appreciate.

The instruction is direct, to the point, and brings you from the beginning to the end without any gaps in the learning process.  Here is how to win.  This is what you do.  Now go do it.  You just can't argue with that kind of simplicity. 

The podcasts are a great addition to a poker training site and something we would like to see other programs incorporate.  Also, the strategy they teach their students is very low-risk and minimizes the huge swings possible in poker.  This is really a great place for someone to start out if they are unsure about poker or just unsure about poker training.  Low risk strategy lessons at a very low cost.  Very nice!



The lack of forum and the absence of downloadable videos are two big gaps we just cannot wrap our head around—the forum especially.  Who in their right mind would start a poker training school that doesn't make building a community a high priority?  Of course, when you're grinding it out at the tables making that $10 K a month, who has times for forums? 

The video collection could use some new additions as well.  It almost seems like they are trying too hard to avoid important features in an effort to set themselves apart from more hyped-up sites.


We give Outstanding Poker Training School 9 stars out of 10.  We give this seemingly off-the-wall rating to such a narrow-focused site simply because we respect the laser-accuracy of their approach and the reminder of what winning poker is really about.  This is, as we said before, a huge detour from our usual search for a well-rounded site; however, the sheer originality of this offer and what it provides for the common player sets this site above other niche sites.

It's a numbers game, and if you play low-risk and let the other players make the stupid moves you will triumph in the end.  They are committed to teaching people how to make a reasonable, yet very substantial living by being smart poker players. 

$14.99 with a 100% moneyback guarantee?  What the heck—give it a shot if you are at a loss for which direction to go.


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