Poker Training Site Review: Card Runners


Cardrunners just might be the best place out there to learn cash games, and it is backed by a lot of poker players who swear up and down what it will do for you.  This site is all about teaching advanced poker to those who want to step up their game and start making some solid cash, and their main focus is the 6 Max No Limit guys who are ready to stop grinding it out down in the low limits and want to get serious.  Because of this, their partnership with Stoxpoker makes perfect sense.  Featuring a real all-star crew, Card Runners teaches poker with a vengeance.

Membership Options & Fees

24 hour pass: $17.99

Initiation: $99
Monthly: $28

Limit Hold 'em
No Limit Hold 'em
Pot Limit Omaha

Discounts and Coupons

You can get your membership free if you meet the right criteria over at Full Tilt.


Card Runners has a huge number of instructors and often features star players, but they are strongest at cash game.  Their instructors include Taylor Caby, Cole South, Brian Hastings, and more.  Also, they have a wide, very impressive collection of guest pros who contribute.  Their sheer numbers brings a lot of different styles and viewpoints to the site.


Cardrunners is a program that really has a lot going for it.  The lineup of expert coaches is not only impressive in the quality but huge to boot.  The same goes for their extensive video library, which is likely the biggest and most thorough of anyone in the industry with over 1,000 videos.  They introduce a bunch of new ones every week and even have videos on off-topic subjects of interest to their members.

To go even further with their big size and great coverage, they have a very active blog network and member forums.  A lot of training sites have forums that get a little quiet from time to time because everyone is probably out playing cards, but with a big site like this there is always activity and user-generated content to provide food for thought.

Of course, they give lots of benefits and bonuses to their lucky members, and


The blogs can be a little cumbersome and the articles have reached a bit of a standstill.  The pros don't venture out into the forums for interaction with the members quite as often as we like to see with a training site, and the chat rooms are usually close to dead.  We have heard others complain about the lack of an online store, which we don't really get because we come to learn poker not be the next Cardrunner sporting dweeb.

They do seem to have some issues with quality in their video collection, but this seems to get swallowed up by the sheer size of what their ever-growing selection has to offer.  They don't seem to have as much of a filter on what they produce as other sites, and unfortunately, they are not as keen to gravitate towards the more structured teaching style which has been developing.

Sometimes it seems like Cardrunner's ego has grown with its size, and they don't always put the energy into their members that they deserve.  Instead, they focus on dragging in those new customers, thus acquiring more of that almighty dollar.  Yeah, we know—business is business—but when you pay for a membership you want consistent, ongoing attention.  Call us needy, but it's kind of the point.


We'll give Cardrunner 8 out of 10 stars this time around because they are still doing great in the big leagues, but there are a lot of strong contenders stepping into the ring these days, and if they continue to keep members on the back burner and not put more energy out there, they will likely begin to fall in ranking.  Still, the quality of their vast collection of material cannot be denied.


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